Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm App Reviews

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I normally love this game been playing for over a year but every time I try to collect my daily reward on Toronto it kicks me off what the hell is going on help me??


super fun and addicting

Mentality enhancing

Growing your strands, and maximizing your profits, is an amazing way to enhance your eagerness, towards pursuing on-going, advanced goals.

Keep it going

Good asf

There’s only 1 problem other then that honestly it’s a 5 star game for sure

I just accomplished the free gem offer for 3000+ gems completed it in 4-5 days and still haven’t received my rewards it says completed but i was never rewarded I have screen shots of the reward page

Ads break the game

Ads crash the game constantly!


Didilly dope game I ever played dog💯

No point

No point to this game

Weed farm

Great game in my opinion lots of fun always wanna play it


Multiplier doesn’t always work and when I try to watch the ads for what ever purpose they freeze most of the time causing me to close out and I won’t get the reward for watching the ad. Game is addicting but those bugs gone will make it better

Free gems dont work

The free gems does not work, i subscribed to smule to get 638 gems and still nothing...

Call the exterminator

Game was great.....several updates back. Now there are constant crashes. I am uninstalling it.


My fave game

White screen

Just goes to a white screen after I watch an ad. iPhone 8

Great game but needs work

This is a great game however, there are a few bugs that need to be fixed. I can’t generate income from the LED light and dj boosts. The other locations like Toronto, Vegas, and Cabo are very difficult in terms of gameplay. More permanent locations need to be added.


This game is so addicting and fun especially when I’m high af just chillin !! All my friends and I can sit for hours playing this masterpiece! Yo did wiz Khalifa really create this game could you imagine smoking with him? Wow goals


Download the app and grow some it’s definitely a good time family

Great but crashes

Game crashes non stop

Crash App

This app crashes ever time you open it. You cannot even enjoy the game without it freezing up I don't like it.

Great game to play from the toilet.

This is the exact mixture of visual stimuli and feeling naughty by breaking federal drug law Guaranteed to optimize your toilet experience. If you poop at least four times a week, this game is for you.


Been playing for a while now and Vegas has not yet popped up what’s goin on?

Crashes within 10 seconds

I LOVE the concept of this game. It has good depth and ability to level up. It is fun to see how fast you can make money as you go through the game. However, the app crashes EVERY TIME I play it. If I want to actually accomplish anything, like just watering plants, I have to reopen the game at least 5 times. This is not an exaggeration. I can't watch ads to double my coins in any way, every ad crashes before it can play the whole 15-30 seconds. No hope of harvesting my buds either, almost every tap makes the game crash. I don't want to delete and re download because I'll loose my progress, but I'll probably eventually delete all together when I've had enough of the bugs. Sorry wiz, love the game but HATE the bugs.


I've enjoyed this game for quite awhile now but since the recent updates there has been nothing but constant crashes no matter what I do, I don't even have to watch an ad for it to crash.. I might as well delete the game, but I've gotten so far. Recent bug fixes hasn't helped it seems


This game is the best one! 🙌🏼

Video error

This is a great game but right now I’ve having trouble. I can’t collect any coins when I’ve been away or I can’t activate the light or dj. It just keeps saying I have a video error

Crashfest on older iPad

I love the game, but on older devices limited to iOS 10.3.3, it crashes on nearly every ad. I really hope they fix it.

Cool and fun and teaches you how to sell weed

Nice and fun


boring game a lot nothing happ ... u just enter the game collect coins boring a lot ...

Interesting Game Need Story Line!

Its a great idea for a game but it needs a storyline , quest and ability to play with other players.


Enjoying the. Game. So far

Crashes are driving crazy

It's alright I like the game and all I just almost wanna delete it though. Every time I play the game the app crashes. If I click on anything that I hafto watch a add for it will crash. It freezes all the time. It's so annoying cause I just wanna play the game and can't for no more than 5 min because of the crashes!!!! Love the game itself just wish these problems with be fixed before I delete it.

Its lit

Honestly, for a simple game, its legit. Just open it up and grow some weed. Passes time like a mf

My favorite game but needs fixing

I've been playing Weed Farm for about a year which is crazy because I usually can't keep up with a game for like a week. But i have dowloaded it on my phone and ipad and most of the time i try to watch a video the app crashes. it also freezes quite a bit and its really itritating because i actually love this game! i just hope they can fix that, then i'll give them their 5 stars back

Needs to be fixed

I’ve been playing this game for awhile now and I really like it but the jars I’ve collected will not pop up for me. All it is now is a blank gray screen. Really needs to be fixed

Good vibes


Best game ever

Involves weed and Wiz Khalifa

Running into a bug?

I’m having problems with the ads for the lights and 2x my grow, the ad plays and afterwards a white screen pops up, I have to kill my app over and over again before it finally works. It’s really putting a damper on these timed events when I can’t use my lights. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also I’m not even getting notifications for events even thought my notifications are turned on, so I end up missing half of the event anyways.


This game is rlly fun I haven’t had a single problem and the overall concept is kinda funny.

Keep Casa de Cabo!

Casa de Cabo is the best location yet! Please make it permanent! Thanks!


This game is very addictive but it is just a little hard to get to the last plant

Endless crashing

There's nothing worse than a great game that constantly crashes. Not just with ads, but with checking leaderboards, cashing in harvest, and during gameplay. I have installed latest updates and it's no better. This game is unplayable.

Terrible crashing problems

Or maybe they aren’t problems at all. After most ads, instead of having an “x” to close them, (or just closing automatically) there is a white screen which does nothing no matter how long you stare and tap, or the whole app crashes. This is a problem for the grow light function as you need to watch ads to increase output...except, it never credits you for watching the ads. I’ve just watched 10 minutes worth of ads for the CHANCE that I might get 1 4-hour boost from the lights...but it crashes every time and it’s all for nothing.

Send gift? But how

You guys tell us to send gifts but never tells us how. I feel like we need more instructions to help

Hate the white screen

I like the game but sometimes after I watch ads it freezes on the white screen then I have to start the game all over 😡



From chandler allen

This game is awesome but if only it was real


Me and my friends found this as a joke, but when I downloaded it, I fell in love!!!!

I love Wiz man

Bihh I’m high af this game fun 🤑

Would be good if it didn't constantly crash

I have been playing this for a while and would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't for the crashing. It didn't use to crash like this. It mostly crashes during ads but not only during ads. It also erases everything you just recently did when it crashes. I was about 10 seconds to late during the tournament and lost 100 gems due to the app crashing like 500 times during the last hour. If you watch multiple ads and it crashes you have to watch them all over again and the game takes forever to reload. I will never play this again unless I find out this problem has been fixed. It's a shame because I was really enjoying this game before.


Finally a game where you don’t have to spend money to get certain things, you can if you don’t have the patience to earn the money for it.

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