Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm App Reviews

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Dis game lit rn 🔥🔥fr ayy ShOuT oUt to u tho keep up the good work 👍👏👏🔥🔥🎶🎶

Give us more strains nd locations

Maybe give us some hydros

New Stoner

I love this little game. It’s cool while I’m high.

Great Game! 💨🔥😋

This is one of the best idle games I’ve played in a long time. You can purchase in app stuff but you don’t need too. The amount of stuff you gain f2p is already an incentive to play!

Best Weed Game Ever

Shout out to wiz for this game it’s easy and fun and very addictive


I love it


Da shi


You did your thang with this one Wiz.

The CRASHES 😡😡😡😡

I love this game! But the way it crashes it makes me want to delete it! It crashes legit every 30 seconds! It’s a great time killer! The challenges are amazing, but the constant crashing is frustrating to say the least. Needs update real soon to fix this!

Great game

The only issue I have with the game is a lack of use for the cash. I feel the game would be much more enjoyable if the cash could be used to buy gems and gold. If that was an option the game would be 5 stars for sure.


Best game to play sober or high

Took my gold jars

After the bday event I never got my 60 gold jars

Terrible crashing problems

Edited down to 1 star since it’s now aug 26 and I posted this in the beginning of may and this is still a huge problem. I just watched 30 ads and closed after every one because the game crashes and you get no credit for watching the ads. maybe they aren’t problems at all. After most ads, instead of having an “x” to close them, (or just closing automatically) there is a white screen which does nothing no matter how long you stare and tap, or the whole app crashes. This is a problem for the grow light function as you need to watch ads to increase output...except, it never credits you for watching the ads. I’ve just watched 10 minutes worth of ads for the CHANCE that I might get 1 4-hour boost from the lights...but it crashes every time and it’s all for nothing. The free gems button is a scam. You don’t actually get credited for downloading and installing things and making it to a certain level. The screen freezes so badly it takes about a minute to swipe coins. The screen freezes so badly that while just BROWSING the store, you spend all your gems on accidental purchases...I managed to spend 750 gems collecting value of my harvest at the beginning of an event before I even had a plant down so I collected...0 for spending 750 gems. There’s no confirmation of purchase button, there’s no way to contact or refund anything...whole game is a scam. I contacted wiz Khalifa about this game dragging his name...still waiting on a response.

Wiz khalifas birthday event

You didn’t give me my 60 gold jars that I earned! Was that just supposed be a lie? We’re you never going to give them to us in the first place?

Favorite Mobile game, But...

While this is definitely my favorite mobile game, I played the most recent limited event, Wiz’s birthday, and after all the work I put in to get that 60 unique jar reward(this was the first tear and I made it to the third) I was very shocked to only receive one unique jar. You got my hopes up and then completely shattered them. I almost deleted the game, but I figured maybe I could get the rest of my reward by submitting this instead.

Love turns to annoyance

Never received the 60 gold jars and 15 gold bars from wiz’s birthday Tournament. Really enjoyed this game at first but now it’s just a bummer playing. I hope the app technician can figure out what happened. I know the same thing happened to my boyfriend as well.


I just played the wiz birthday event and was promised to get 60 gold jars then another 120 but they gave me 6. DISSAPOINTED

Fun af

It’s flame like these Strains

Weed farm

You should only be able to sell the bud that you want to sell

time eater

fun to play when bored or to pass time. recommended 10/10

Five Starr game

Great game !

This game is fun and informational but there’s not settings menu😳

I can’t turn down sound effects while listening to my music

Get rid of this game

It’s bad for everyone

Wiz Game

It’s so fun better then weed firm more stuff to do

Best game on the phone joo



This game is really fun Never get bored of it

Best App Ever Wiz Salute Big Homie!!!!!

You did your thing with this one man!!!!!

Dro grow kk n og

U should let us mix up our growth with new names

Awesome Game thanks Wiz


Keep Logging Out

I don't think this game supports iPhone 5c because I can't even get pass the loading screen, it keeps crashing. I love the concept of the game I just can't play it.


I really thought this game was going to be more like the original “Weed Firm” game but of course much better but instead all I’m allowed to do is swipe and tap. I thought it would be more virtual such as me actually selling my product to customers but I think to even get to that point where you’re able to attend the sales part of the game, you have to have at least 3 billion dollars saved up. That’s crazy! There’s nothing to do in the meantime while everything is growing besides tapping on the drone that flys around. Eh I’m quite disappointed.

Great but few fixes need to be made

The game is great just when you load up a video it needs to load and play sometimes I have to restart the game and try again but otherwise pretty solid game.


I love this game, It’s fun.


This game super fun!!


Love it

Awesome game

Love it



weed farm


Very fun

Awesome game


For the culture ✊🏾

Best game

Best game

Very Entertaining

I like herbs and money great game

App crashing

The app was working well for a while but one of the most recent updates has a lot of bugs, the main one being that it keeps crashing when I try to watch ads and when I switch locations. Please fix or I’m gonna delete this app.


GREAT GAME. I love this game for the money purposes and the fact it’s very fun to play while high😂 I just wish there was a way to gain more friends😅

Too wiz

Add me or like one of my post on Instagram please my Instagram is (mmmjulian)


Fun game and wiz Khalifa is best rapper

It’s ok

Being what it is, I kind of expected to learn a few things about weed farming. The game seems really basic.

Love it

Hehehe Issa fun time

Lacks difficulty

Needs more content

Good game

Good game

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